Car servicing in East London


Below are a small list of the many points we cover in a full service

A full car servicing will include:


  1. Tyre pressures including the spare
  2. All the levels checked and topped up
  3. Oil and filter change
  4. All filters changed oil fuel air pollen
  5. Antifreeze strength tested
  6. Wheels off and brakes checked cleaned and adjusted if necessary
  7. Full under vehicle inspection of exhaust, joints and bushes etc.
  8. Wheel checked for play and wheel bearings or worn ball joints
  9. Spark plugs changed
  10. Battery tested
  11. Road test to determine any driving faults if any i.e clutch bad tyre wheel bearing etc.
  12. All lights and washers and wipers are checked

For reliable, affordable and quality car servicing in East London look no further than Car-Mech. We carry out every full service in accordance to manufacturer recommendation. You get the choice of a service using main dealer parts or one with aftermarket parts. Although prices will vary accordingly the quality of work stays unaffected. At the end of the full service you get your service book stamped and a full service report detailing the job that has been done and items that need doing in the future. If you need any further clarification our staff will be on hand to explain any point you wish to discuss.
A common misconception of a full service is that it solves every problem in the car. Full servicing is purely maintenance to keep the car going and and anticipate on future problems. If your car is running rough or making noises it might not actually need a full service but just that particular problem addressed. So many garages will carry out a full service knowing full well that the problem won’t be fixed and then charge you again to look at the real issue. At Car-Mech you can rest assured that we will always advise you on the best course of action because what matters for us is customer relations more than making a quick buck we want to see you again in our garage. So Whether you are after a full service or just an engine service call us we are happy to help.
Note that our full car servicing has a 40 point check. Prices vary according to your engine size,vehicle manufacture date and engine type. Call us for more details.