Wheel Alignment

For tyres and wheel alignment in East London Car Mech ltd has established itself as the best.
Wheel alignment or tracking is the process of adjusting the vehicle track rod ends so that the car drives in a straight line. Tracking is needed when the vehicle hits a curb and one or both front wheel are at a wrong angle in respect to the rear wheels. Tracking could also be needed when certain components of the suspension are replaced. It’s a good idea to have your tracking checked regularly because when the front and rear wheels are at an angle not within manufacturer specification, the wheels drag when the vehicle moves forward damaging the tyre tread putting the engine under strain resulting in more fuel consumption and expensive regular tyre replacement. So it’s crucial to check and adjust your tracking regularly. It must be noted that some sport car have unusual track setting to suit different racing conditions. For all your tyre and wheel alignment needs in east London Car-Mech ltd is fully equipped to provide a reliable service at competitive rates.
For your wheel alignment, east London’s best is only a phone call away. After each tracking we take the car for a test drive to make sure we are happy with the work.
Our mechanics are fully insured to test drive customers vehicles.
Wheel alignment terms explained To help our customers through the jargon of tracking see below in image the most important adjustments we will be making to your car.

At Car-Mech we utilise the Track Align 410 to track your vehicle according to manufacturer’s specifications.This in turn will guaranty you a better tyre life, more fuel economy,subsequently lower motoring costs. If your car pull to the left or right or your steering wheel is at the wrong angle when you are driving in the strait ahead position. Don’t put up with it any longer pick the phone and speak to one of our highly qualified technician who will advise you on the best course of action.